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extra money and that's why the team has a muchdifferent much better flavor and aroma than anyother long cigarette as well as the team has more than doublethat smokers coast to coast if you want a long cigarette some of the best alongside the rest slope the team ladies and gentlemen next week marks the beginning ofnational crime prevention week sponsored

by your local police department these seven days i set aside to callyour attention to the fact that you're a police officertibet to ensure the safety of your community relies on the cooperation of the individual citizens we deal with crime prevention to beobserved not seven but three hundred and sixty by days a year documented drama than actual crime

for the next thirty minutes andcorporation with the los angeles police department they will travel step by step on theside of the lord through an actual case from a visual police loans from beginning to end from crime topunishment diagnosed is the story of your police force in action was wednesday it was a norman law says we're working the night watch a lot ofrepeated partners ben remember losses

that brown she believes that his minesplanted there on the way over from the city halland it was six fifty-five p_m_ we got to the county hospital toward ninety eight room twelve they'd be thank you union eastern contention yes ma'am thanks forthinking this is the winston sterling this is good

hinson was doctors no's' police officers the size of the mail names friday robert vito than anything in still uncertain asbelow we'd like to have you tell us exactlywhat happened there before that mushy shared leaflet you're not the first week fifteen hoursahead of you would you tell us what happened left this show

to live that's excellent worked at maloney stations himselfcommercial okaloosa places and save money going to cut you women in this afternoon could you tell us what happened that heloved working with studded troop movements in june teen street

let you finish cancer let's do that risk in the same choose to take to know what she lookedlike us he was dressed fleshy business school election day england weren't sure about the color her hair

you over there think there was a married man you know and think it was in a few what happened then what she'd gotten ka we drove up she's really good dominick dunne but i wasn't humor

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here was fixed right mean lucia earnestly thank you moved back to c_n_n_disillusionment says in the indian papers unisons unionism news this morning like management riding yesterday

we thank you mister finley will bechecking back with you later mrs begin alignment in the within the churchtonight minister endangers animals that besides moneysunoco some kind of a statement need which wasn't finished yesterday thankyou's with the deficit and you can be onlyused to be a b you didn't listened to expand defeated yeah

and he he people walk again left the office and got a localbroadcasts from the woman was much time only partially identified the name is natalie allen set a record of three arrests and oneconviction of two forty pieces all over them as we said to me that this witness iswith lee jones at our age and ability confirmalways final confrontation at the scene

in the shooting most of them were the same working those with whom did the two previousvictims from the stations began and thenpreviously identified as a policeman mornings and i was examined olympic distance and instead as a thirty-five billion him make intelligent

by chemical halo and their seven years and venice and yetyou only need to heat sickness movement he he old eighteen thirty eight km fiftystatements to make it through the years longer than it is something better youknow keeps volkswagens jagger is is is kindof business his attention to that routine goodremains

buchanan goes into these bringinglangston hughes the negro discipline and things like usko the instance seventeen remains unchecked including lifted who was katherine kanzi others beverlyallen she might time that nothing else to do you'll get the record your own poolpackages in just two easy open check around and see if we have a call smoking

any cause for us patent grounds bad mood king's beating went down some of the community using thegovernment's same old story no reports in the broadcast with thethat there really a m and certainly by human lesley blue sixty nine why bother

they will will leave and it gets sixty listen beautiful hold up the means suits restaurant worker submitted to a place to incidents love mrs themselves as a unit lindsay

lenses milliken seeping into the key isto send to try and work in the case specials intermittently businesses oakhill with more using the existing law business issues hid it in some of us with all thelistings said that every possible means toone-on-one suspected shaking and i don't talk to them and warning when she gotlast night loaded london more on the other fifteen is usedto it such as the romance in one respect youneed all intent of the sixteen cases we'vehad reported the

victims tank girl hitchhikers a blondelong years forum say she was a brunette with shorthair do themselves the girl had red hair long is using thethings that we see usually sandwiches lens was in the desert themselves mister injecting youth and that practically nothing same done

or a phone call regions examine the bullet that saddamhussein the bullets makes his spinal cord is wagesparalyzed when we start rd or that that is onto bosnian at home is no good what about the island in young dancing minute firmly

the other one and cuts in sixty though that they have the best thingdealing with present leaving friday expect to restart no leads no suspects what what does that mean that we coverevery street millions and millions of the typical norbert more men weredefectors from the public good that medical cars the evidence and i was in the right

bunking but i get it shoot healed listens and listens and within the lastthing we can the included what alley in chemistry is facing him or the marks of a viciousbeating there was a single bullet wounds werekilled her was conscious one way around

significant ground captain walker andentered the area for physical evidence i spoke briefly with them before he wasplaced on a stretcher due to the indians wayne and simoneconsistent went over the web and was then chiefbrown catalogued hit and run over them forty-five showcasing indiansbusinesspeople boxes in the badly beaten fifteen cheery words from over

knew what makes a mormon do things likethat makes them and do it within the lesbian stating that youwould just be receiving austin vishalc using willie brown teamsdefinitively jones at the time when reexamination videos jones confirmed that the markings on theboat which it was blessed be matched those on the boat which have been takenfrom lisbon both books have been fired from the samegun dragnet operation for the woman band

that went on the men in the special detailed coveredevery street now in the central area from eight p_m_ to six a_m_ followingone during the next five days elevensuspects rhythm running request and then released and it becomes available againapply anyway listed as the intellectually andpolitically but mostly wasn't doing is inconsistent i don't know what you've just got me b seventeen jobs and she's as previouslywas was he steps

didn't always listed with the other men in the kitchen to getanything an external seemed to me to do uni didn't convince them that incident yes before mother composite picture wouldlove to work with commitment wording independence catholic nun

yes with that the close of their lives anything that would uh... listened to his place you can loyalty and nonetheless the convoluted movement within plaza of the ordinary muslim do you wantto do

win reveling in been described read aboutthis is a unit greenville between who've lived and studied at the president'swith things boosters does then i would be a and b_shoes match russell with his yes we should have been going on butlet's get on the same even chasing this woman who almost a month finances todetermine the time i wanted to take it union-leader listen and it is there someplaces memories to see if yet lumpsum

achtenberg wants to see thanks kevin and some moments when and i'd like to hang on to you we'll definitely get this thing cited this thing isn't doing much of thiscampaign supplements for time off either athletic commitments that directed livedthe american point land sometimes they get three days in finlandso she keeps telling me hilliard any leader

like american journalism regular unfrozen processing firm inindia he said one of the picture studios have entereda month ago he's done with the part of the next doorto make it heusen has just taken his kufm buchanan okay red sweater

brown skirt who've done it yet that uh... took to make a sits and four weeks toblondes limited laundromat texas leads in this job missus clinton we've been wanting to go on a singlefootprints is nine from really says for a woman since it was a woman print was made no mention

you're listening to fragments authenticstories of your police force in action yes why is this pope extra miles fifteen those words a echoing across the country yes but the team has more than doubleits sales because the team of smokers of telling their friends is wise to smoke extra money who's the dealer and fine because the team that contains thefinest tradition domestic tobacco's superbly blended to make the thima

sold for much different much better flavor and aroma smoke thirteen one of the most popular misconceptionsof the working detectives are permitted fiction writers was the picture of a manwith amazing challenge for detecting evidence analyzing human behavior and motives as if by magic killing all of thesetogether form the solution of the car realized pictures a little different

working detective is a job venus and sister i couldn't under job is baking breadpracticing law his job to protect citizens in the brain members of the jobhe doesn't do alone to assist him in collecting andanalyzing evidence he has the aid of the crime laboratory failed to identify oddities and suspectsor possible suspects he has the record bureau latent fingerprints thestatisticians office listadmin a battery of men and machines to a team inreaching conclusions based on fact

those guns overnight nineteen that has the respects and olson fromthem and and and and and it was going on the sixteen victims of the we asked them one question but their assailant possibly have been aman dressed as a woman majority didn't think so those that didn't work very sure we followed the lead through nine twentyfive pm we checked in and headed down the hall for the stats on it

you think it was a man in the season and remained footprints reasons maybe the machines your concerns mack indiana four let me make a run for us tonight views that's inconsistent years ago president season finale healing susan uh... asking them to the states and infact who's been teaches canariensis

proceeding and that means uh... soon belief and then in chat rooms and sadness i'll show you the air force mhm lives in and intestines citizensintervention yousendit maintenance consistent then which entitled four eleven

that montana he's only one who didn't mujaheddin cdnas morning cement kids in the birthday party tomorrownight for that sort of the few rescinded the party they can too happy antediluvian told mister lenses and his listen it isn't business in and and desires and plansand and and and you just some attention to

london in vacation from sacramento so sacramento who died in the new figueroa streetwouldn't have known gold picked up his diligently to try to make a mistakeagain away from us to do the groom wishing her interrogation infections pneumatic description manageinto place so that you didn't have too much troublein the stones moonlight cinema thinking that maybe ididn't when she pointed the gun i just gotthrough it and splinters i was a good

foods of this election was the early identification uh... external seeing him again andagain you change your reasons too you tell me heating megaton from this initiative is comfortable you don't dimension is consistently

we don't have a vacation destinydiscloses that livingston tennesseans and she was a girl has tosay joni mitchell to completely designing get additional this accidentissue she's nothing ministers let's just start since you know that has beenbenefits if they decided to try it sending messages but into bill clinton's sugar intercostal doesn't sound for these reasons why thed_c_-eight which officials don't let people know

and they confirmed it shows do those things you know she's nothing when we go from here you take care of having a potentsuggestions in the states usually simply guidance lesson learned his lesson lithium yesfull-blown begun command he limiting victims of denying him hisname harry reese distally digital

none of the president the woman was hitchhiking around onethird street he gave a surrounding the gunpoint slide him mentioned to let you know described as cargo on the dragonwell-dressed decision under and i'm linden linden linden initiativethe president bill clinton mandy lineages it included them inprison and miss you lynn of that you industries project ltdunit in the case listening to what he's doing all that

used him team version education spending it pretty simple ican't last forever m_t_v_ ngos manages to disputemanagement this way overdue ok with that let's don't go back to shoot his demonsclarity of this bill btw smilychan linden denied them

atmosphere things lint lead looks like blood seems to me here alongthe sidewalk and i guess it couldn't happen and one final ten minutes ago ihad this fancy picture of the fourth and dixon until they hear cgp defendingmiracle i was going to have begun of late-night edition reasons to make one when in fact is being used on one neededto do the whole family and the timing backed up that she was cool you knowthis but

that's right you know it thinking about the cause somebody tolisten to go to a not bad alone on palm legal list which you didn't see where she wentand when i didn't intend to do this means is doing then taking from thetrain systems instead till this weeekend remain on the phone houston link between buildings

and has this weird let's find out newly built on the way back here in his flashlight yeah enhanced at this late comer businessmen stains lead over this way to the backdoor commitment right became the senate

dafoe of the stairs sendcancel mismanages right seemed to me stains lead on up the stairs here just didn't think cases in warm soapy manages the backdoor closes command thirteen hundred

cement tomb of the union hall semen let's go he's in terms of uh... this is the first appeared at the store misses some of the woman amendment try to do it for next season landslide the legitimate did you

and utilities kit little league games with them stood at the close of one would make uptheir resumes elevate i lead you simulated link people middle-of-the-road fail d

that would get their lessons lenses billions of dollars in here who say withglamour boy no good leave the door open when house rules destroyed in august lynching to protect the innocent on january fourteenth trial was held insuperior court appointment seventy-nine city and county of los angeles state ofcalifornia

in a moment the results of that pro it'samazing how many long cigarette smokers are changing to thirty minutes here is the actual report cuts here's more more smokers every day iunderstand that the team is the best of all long cigarettesmokers fine patina has a much different then any other long cigarettes they findthat the deal is extra my own because it's the long cigarette which containsthe finest turkish in domestic tobacco's superblyblended to make it extra money enjoy extra mile thirty mile yourself

best double all loans cigarettes the welfare and security of your homeand your family is a subject of national importance next week national crime prevention week efficiency of the local policedepartment is dependent upon your attitude toward your police officer not just one week out of the year butevery day in the year he once you are cooperation

need your cooperation for theenforcement of you are help your opposite to help you do livein a peaceful orderly communities national crime prevention week cost younothing jester cooperation vento saturday is the bandit queen wastried and convicted on several counts of assault with intent to commit murder androbbery of the first degree he was sentenced to the term prescribedby law while serving his time in the statepenitentiary he was stabbed to death by another inmate

you have just heard dragnet series aboutpending cases from official class technical adviser or dragnet comes fromthe opposite people believe w a warden los angeles police department that hewanted to let the best of all along to do that to go to dragnet laws and appearmorton downey denied on n_b_c_ and hehehehe it but cigarette basketball long cigarettes ass

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tomato team but av documented problematical right for the next thirty minute in operationwill eventually department travel step by step on the part of the law firm andlocate from official henry hyde from beginning to end from crime to punishment dragnet his thestory of your police force in action formalize we're working with a wife

partners several or half i was on the way back from a recordbureaus ten forty five a_m_ when i got the room thirty eight profusion w window tomorrow she died jim wallis pennsylvania where he will be so did iunderstand that he was working on it

near the package in this case indicated to indicate his first arrested ginger in eighteen thirteen didn't care of the country treblinka cooler temperatures bunch a few sentences coming to fruition investment said it prohibition here pork

future extreme billings montana for june nineteentwenty declining pittsburgh new yorkenlargement intellectuals thinking cleaning chicagocut some of the first page is a couple more than may be unlawful bottles lol fled to stonewall a system that we get reached a couple used-car dealersaturday

effective competitor kit section when it had to work it saturday afternoon or to occur a lot ofthe corners sup the washington bought a nineteenforty eight like today shows identification wrote a check forfifteen hundred dollars for down payment rollaway never but check the perhaps alittle more than a by forty five minutes after he left hedrove into another used car left two blocks away from the place we bought thelincoln yeah told us earlier than he would like tocomment one two three two dead on

arrival several offered a mentor dollars lessthan he paid for loss accepted rough-and-tumble personal check becausebelt consumer info almost while shows like hearing because thatcould get suspicious packages late saturday and couldn't call abaixo lossescheck so we call the place where will thiswork today sale was made less than an hour beforewallace giving it his personal check for active

to used car dealers got a full decidedwallace was pulling a fast hustle call the captain and jails political enrollment probate open monday morning called about what the country they have enough money in the cover bothship what's called a lawyer and threatened sothey get to cut the yet both political settled the court for two thousand three sounds like a master has been cookingfor thirty five years

knows the con game anyway wanna play incapable of ancient he's got a joblooking for plastic dot testing certainly registered under fifty twothirty adjustment laurel canyon to america wallace woman flashpoint galethen but yet and i'm very happy knowledge have a lot of art

that if i didn't know you would like totalk to us won't but as i can help you just with always tried to cooperate you know afteryears of the reporters would have been you know me better than a thousand nopoint in making a good number of people cold reality that the city when i told you to fill the vacuum saidmister in order to get the keys to the city ofall your litigation under a lot of cook you can't

milo yearned for me i didn't have to cut completed making any at hero structureand pre-world i love you plan to stay here in town losangeles is my home it's likely to be successful in localelections as long as it's honest let me hand you can see the place youtry company more job this time we're going to lean on you understand i don't think i can one person kept incident with the used car dealers ihope that it was up for a few gifted me a better be the last few future aroundhere for a long time i got every right

to take action against those copy withall correct they tended to be weekend reputation here's your reputation wallace thirtyfive years of it and jail terms like bunco forgery arguewith that the abilities inside i think i thought it might be over theday i've got an arms job but they're not good for you not vigoraward fail to do better that follows taken over the next time take beforehard to get it straight kept from i've been square to take up the problems arenot switching

at all expectations of that looking gentleman came to have someoneshould be at the club that matter-of-fact sure i can't persuade you couple just upto date some other travelers correctly if i thought that by kato kaelin lead in the world

let's go to prison playthings their twothings about christians would never return we never change charles wallace herbert surveillance their reactions there was nothing toindicate protection of property experience when it was needed to be true from anna woodward defending from everyconceivable angle for a lot of water set the record straight amount tocollect the water fountain felt that it differently drugfull-fledged cosmetic workers for the idea of home late from work

he loved his work need big brother questions about the warrior anylegitimate oklahoma had a life of a code of ethics althougheven in his own language predicted victory please middle class and for them many more than the average diplomatic wednesday december first ones here then i had lunch who's giving back to get the radarscreen

obviously was pretty good dialectical and a lot area effect high quality issues you propose those details dot org level right there nontraditional being pushed

tightening a alaska here bonnie grant anson and uses anyway couple weeks ago reply to this smallwant ads in newspapers around town including up ever since started working to go to the editor remember tomorrow is the last day to suit yourdog barks hi main post office forces though it took

last couple of days began about fortyletters a day from people in the city lived on each one at doesn't promise of thing just saying that the other people send depict the graphic because u_s_ bachelors two days agopublic pulled out postal inspectors check the address yougave when he applied for the box you never heard of him

moneygram subcommittee of the event video maybe i and i as a package and wait a minute drive cattle venue incomewhich if it means you are not being stupid located like as mister sawyer is worth workingcentral railway budget-cutting well that's right it's just so you havea complaint against him

grip the lost yeah women's disorder we're talking onemployers a standard engineer for the worst residual railroad well first approached me about a monthago he could've been better if he wasworking on plans for new campus every producer who worked on it he could contain heavy and if you needmore timely perfected invention he told me that should have property dotretarded

tumkur with more than give or at mckinseycompany found i talked over the line from now if youlook really good on paper unexpectedly completely appropriatebecause it's an important braking system completely opera company l you put your money we have nothingfurther well obviously prepared purchasedapplications engineer mr crawford yeah argument yesterday i mean unhook office has been working for twoyears in exactly the same completely let

me get a little from the passenger onwashington already have a patent pending arrival foley yes yes he simply got information from grew upan exact copy to me to complete so if you would indicate that yourcompany oreos and i'm mark three thousand dollars you know we won't let me know reach at the boarding house where he wasdoing even if there last night no forwardingaddress nothing granoff point booking

through the weekend well thank you cathy starting friday do you have my card if there's anythingi can do to help please call the necessary landlocked head of the people were killed governmental format for me as opposed toit would be to report this morning trickling bonnie grant for the crimeindex a few days

keep the package in general business groups for proofreading reunion shelves french north korea show bunny ranch where and while movements in that it carefully t_v_ and radio grammachildhood for was in the car when we see the communication from thedenver colorado police department

quality care section that putting a lot of peoplefive hundred dollars gift before he left the agreement is another deal he sold thirty cartons of electric grid which one did not belong in a little whohad been stolen from another parliamentary holding three trillion ordeliberately have been taken out replaced withweaponry another sixty days ethicallybetter-than-expected from cleveland ohio

court papers the welfare system brokerage at that point across quality told a cleveland hiboreapprenticeship independent emails what below the market port twelve hundred dollars partial payment for the shipment wasnever delivered it won't be much better genotypic into work that weekend off andgot a message in the book

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